Friday, September 30, 2011

First Blog! C:

               This will be my first blog(: I am in Mrs. Dameron's fashion II class with Kodi, and durring this week I have accomplished setting and cutting out my fabric for the kenji jacket I am making. My goal for next week is to actually start sewing and get on a good path to success of a wearable jacket. I have learned that maybe things would go alot more smoother then putting your fabric wrong sides together and have already started cutting. Next time I will make sure that the right sides are together! For future references, double check everything and go your pace, no race. Over the time that I have been in fashion desgin class, I have made lots of mistakes. Like for example, I have sewn a button on wrong, cut my fabric backwards, sewn wrong peices together, and ect. But after I have made these mistakes I have learned that you need to double check everything. This link will help you understand what I am about to say, after going to this link you will see a spring 2012 complete collection, and there will be a slideshow button in order to see these outfits bigger. . Anyways in this collection, there is simply not one outfit i like. I think its just kinda plain and boring, sometimes I even think to myself,"how can people possible wear that?!" I mean come on. In that case if I had to choose my favorite outfit it would be number 28/31. It is a white overflowing dreww like with a black side and white stripes in it, the model is wearing likek a dark blue pari of skinny jeans. Now for the picture that i have previously attached is more so of the style I like. The picture is of one of my all time favorite bands, Spectrum X. They are inspired by the great Marilyn Manson as seen below. Well thank you for your time! thanks! ~Kay.

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